HARDY is undeniably an incredible songwriter. But when he got his solo artist career started, he set out to prove that he was also an incredible performer in his own right.And in the short time he’s been performing, he’s created some excellent songs. And here’s our list of essential listening for this artist.

“Give Heaven Some Hell” is an amazing ballad that’s all about honoring a fallen friend and giving them a fond farewell. It’s about the pain that we feel when we lose someone too soon. And the music video shares the pain a funeral can cause in such a trying time.

Next be sure to check out “A Rock”. It’s a heavily metaphorical song about the meaning of rocks in our lives, from engagement rings, to tombstones, to roads. It’s a surprisingly thoughtful song that has a strong message about how the smallest seeming things can mean so much.

Finally we recommend listening to “Hometown Boys”. This song is a collab between HARDY, Dierks Bentley, and Matt Stell that celebrates solid friendships and small town living. It’s a song that nails that feeling of true friendhships and humble beginnings in a song that is enjoyable to listen to with an excellent melody.