Hardy, Kip Moore, Travis Denning & Ella Langley at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

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Freedom Mortgage Pavilion | Camden, New Jersey


Hey folks, are y’all all set for the talk of the summer? If ‘ya aren’t in the loop, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Hardy, Kip Moore, Travis Denning & Ella Langley has officially announced their LIVE concert at New Jersey to be held by Freedom Mortgage Pavilion on this upcoming Thursday 27th June 2024. Get ready to be enveloped into the calming melodies that will be sung for the audience all night long. Extremely iconic Hardy, Kip Moore, Travis Denning & Ella Langley is more than ready to share their best tunes with the crowd already. Dance with the guitar and hum your favorite tunes as the artist brings you the smoothest melodies throughout the whole night.

With Freedom Mortgage Pavilion hosting, you will most definitely have a fantastic watching experience. Audience members from the past have shared their 10/10 experience at the venue. From their countless amenities to their out-of-this-world lighting, sound, and visuals, this venue really does what it’s meant to for hosting shows. Bring your best cowboy hats and steel banjos as we all enjoy this nostalgic experience. Get your tickets now!

Are you in search of another smashing reason to go see Hardy, Kip Moore, Travis Denning & Ella Langley apart from a night of singing and dancing to everyone’s favorite tunes? Well, we’ll give you one: the feeling of a country music concert is not easy to come across. It a space where you will not be judged based on who you are or what you have. Regardless of where you paid to sit, everyone around you will be happy. The air is always filled with excitement and blissfulness radiating from everyone attending the concert. And there is no better place to experience the happiness than Camden! Freedom Mortgage Pavilion is one of the best venues for country music in Camden, New Jersey. The venue works hard to accommodate smashing country music stars with a history of unrivaled live shows for their stage, because they want to offer memorable entertainment for their visitors. The venue also offers top-nothc acoustics and lighting engineering as well as a spacious stage so that you have a great view of the talent from any seat in the house. Why settle for enjoying country music, when you can enjoy country music in style at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion? Order your tickets today.

Hardy at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion

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